Reece's Personal & Professional Results

Director & Investor - Business Services Organisation

Reece has transformed our business into a profitability, creating a blue-chip customer base and a team culture of high customer service... resulting in 95% of customers rating us good - excellent. 

Operations Director - UK Market Leader in Commercial Flooring

The turnaround has been dramatic... Reece has a very quick but delicate way of scything to the truth of a situation and gives excellent and unbiased feedback. Our sales have climbed by an average 31% per month and we're in much better shape now as a business. We have a vision and we have a plan. Reece has helped us instigate change that has not only improved the prospects of our business but all those that work for it and with it.

Managing Director - National Marketing Agency

Reece has the enviable ability to direct a positive, constructive path from any situation. We think of him as a mentor and often refer to some of the concepts he taught us as 'Reece-isms'. His professionalism is 'second-to-none'.

Managing Director - Management Consulting Firm

I've known Reece for over a decade... he has many outstanding attributes including highly attuned emotional intelligence, broad-spectrum business acumen, an insatiable appetite for helping others and is a powerhouse in strategic thinking.

Head of Change Management - Global Telco

I have seen firsthand how he (Reece) inspires people to raise performance and recall one initiative he led that resulted in £1.7m incremental sales income and turned a good performance into a great one.

Head of Special Accounts - Directory Publishers

Reece is a unique diamond in the world... he listens, observes and then questions before offering advice and suggestions, clearly he is a master in coaching for performance and rest assured, always gets results.

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A Few More Pieces of Feedback

Global Head of Business Intelligence - Banking Sector

When it comes to client relationship management... Reece is a rare breed who is able to build strong professional and personal relationships with clients, a proactive team player who possesses the unique ability to relate to various personality types.

Head of Pricing - Brand Name Insurer

Reece was instrumental in facilitating meetings and conversations between the management team in his company and our procurement and legal teams that ensured we could start the project quickly. Reece is very eloquent, knowledgeable and has very good interpersonal and project management skills. It was a privilege to have worked with Reece.

Head of Sales - National Marketing Services Company

It was one of the most productive workshops that I have attended, I found the time invested was completely worthwhile and believe that as a group, we completed our objective with excellent contributions all round. Thoroughly enjoyable and superbly chaired by Reece.

Managing Director - 3d Architectural Visualisation Organisation

He (Reece) is absolutely the real deal and has an almost laser like focus when it comes to spotting opportunity and creating and then implementing a more strategic approach than many could hope to muster. 

Documented evidence of these results can be provided if and as required.

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