Innovative employee engagement, behaviour + culture change solutions!

Implement 'needs based' leadership in your workplace and see engagement, motivation + productivity soar!

A Better Place To Work™

Level 1 - The Diagnostic. This gauges your organisation’s performance levels by measuring 7 key indicators of leadership and employee engagement. It takes only a few minutes to complete and you instantly receive a picture on “team + organisational health” and performance levels across the business, allowing organisations to identify and deal with behaviour issues early so they don’t develop into a crisis.

An Even Better Place To Work™

Level 2 - The Solution | Actionable Insights + Micro-Learning Activities! This is not a survey that your staff complete and then sit back with the expectation that management will sort things out. It's a tool that highlights areas of concern, indicates where behaviour change interventions need to be made by the individual and provides the 'What & How To Do'. Which means that management don't have the problem of not knowing what to do with the results.

The BP2W™ Difference

What can you expect from BP2W™? You'll witness positive behaviour change, with more people taking ownership for improving work satisfaction levels… running activities, inviting feedback and problem solving on needs …initiating conversations about real culture change and relationship issues. The question constantly asked is “What am I going to do?” not “What is management going to do about it or do for me?”


Our range of original solutions like the An Even Better Place To Work™ and overcoming The Five Dysfunctions of a Team™, deliver the tools + education that transforms the employee experience, taking employee engagement, motivation and commitment levels to completely new heights.

Informed by the latest tools from cognitive science & neuropsychology research, these world leading culture change and behaviour change tools add power to any organisation, enabling people with actionable insights and know-how that have been used worldwide with the likes of Sony, Siemens, Heineken, Environment Agency, Qatar Airways, Orange, Microsoft and many more.


Check out this 2 minute video with an example of how we help businesses with culture change and achieve differently using simple but highly effective tools and the rather unique 'Rule of 60' that made a multi-million pound impact for a subsidiary of a FTSE 100 in sales, customer retention and business growth.

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