What makes me different & my 'Rule of 60' Mind Hack

Check out this 2 minute video on 'What makes me different' from conventional consultants or advisors on productivity and culture improvement, including my 'Rule of 60' and how it made a multi-million pound difference to a subsidiary of a FTSE 100 in sales, customer retention and business growth.

Think Differently To Create Better Business Opportunities.

What I've Found To Be True & Why I Do What I Do!

One of my core beliefs based on experience over the last 25 years in business is that every single human being and every business on this planet has more potential in them than they're currently using, whether you're a first line manager, a CEO of a large corporation or anywhere in between.

Drawing this potential out requires a fresh approach to teaching self management psychology skills so individuals can take more responsibility and initiative for their own success and to aid people managers to use a more mindful and effective approach to leadership that's relevant for todays world of business. Using conventional management practices just delivers conventional (average) results, I therefore provide personal development products for individuals, advise business leaders and teach their managers how to adopt a 'think different' approach based on The Neuroscience of Mind Hacking, e.g.

  • Why the 80-20 role is out-dated and why the Rule of 60 can make the most measurable difference to sales and business results.
  • The 2 key factors that leaders fail to consider when formulating strategies that require Critical Thinking & Complex Problem Solving skills.
  • The 2 critical areas where strategic execution falls short and accounts for 70% of strategies failing to achieve the desired end results.
  • How to ’Slow Down To Speed Up’ when it comes to quality of performance and raising standards for customer retention in tough market conditions.
  • How The Rule of 30 and 'Looking Inside The Box' opens peoples minds to see and use more internal capability, increasing collaboration, innovation and end results.
  • Why a 'Step Change' approach builds competence, confidence and momentum to create awesome collective results across a team or business.
  • How developing Mindful Leadership competencies diffuses the conflict and stress that stifles creativity and innovation, whilst increasing collaboration and culture to significantly improve productivity.
  • You can know all about Agile, Lean, Six-Sigma etc but will still fail to succeed without a deep understanding of things like those I've mentioned above.
  • And much more…

So whether you're looking to develop and realise more of your own potential as an individual or lead a team or business to be and do more, my management development products and fresh thinking can help to rapidly improve culture and maximise internal capabilities.

You can see what other individuals and people in business say about the results they get from working with me on the Reviews Tab and also on my Facebook Business Page or my recommendations on LinkedIn but I'm an approachable guy so feel free to get in touch with any questions, requests or for advice. I'm here to help you in any way I can.

Tel: +44 (0) 7701 090245 or Email: reecepye@reecepye.com

Reece's expertise in opening up untapped potential in people and businesses is exceptional.

Reece's expertise in opening up untapped potential in people and businesses is exceptional.




Why do some managers and leaders seem to excel with ease whilst others fail to realise anywhere near their full potential?

Because they understand superior self-management psychology to instil confidence, respect and trust from those people they need to influence and inspire. Are you ready to learn how to do this?



Strong Minds Interactive Playbook. Mind Management. Master Inner Psychology.

This book is like a complete clear out, decluttering and re-ordering of the mind that will improve your thinking to serve you better.

With unnecessary weights lifted from your mind and a clear vision of how to move forward, you will be able to do so with more speed and ease than ever, and without the stress.

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This is a unique 'Cognitive Behavioural Intervention' that enables the user to shift attitudes from negative to positive, fast.

By using the 'From-To' formula, you will gain a coping strategy that helps overcome current disruptive thinking and moves you to a more creative and productive state.