Frustrated About Not Making The Progress You Want In Your Business Life?

Frustrated About Not Making The Progress You Want In Your Business Life?

Frustrated About Not Making The Progress You Want In Your Business Life? Frustrated About Not Making The Progress You Want In Your Business Life? Frustrated About Not Making The Progress You Want In Your Business Life?

You Can Call On Me For Proven Methods, Advice And Guidance That Can Help You Achieve The End Results You Want!

Examples of what YOU can expect from ME.

Advising a former highly successful business owner who was down on his luck and confidence to see things in a new light, make some small but critical tweaks to his approach and communications to close the single biggest multiple 6-figure deal of his career at age 61?

Taking a senior business executive who had a nervous breakdown with 3 months sick leave and gettin him to return to the same environment and bosses that caused the breakdown but operate happily and consistently above target for the next 6 consecutive years?

Coaching a senior manager who breaks down in tears in front of you because of her bullying and ignorant boss, to return to work feeling inspired, supported, in control and create a move to report into a real leader rather than a boss who doesn’t give a damn for her welfare?

“Your (Reece's) strength is the certainty you give me. I always know what to expect from you and you’re totally transparent so I know my relationship with you is open, honest, respectful and most of all secure” 

  “You (Reece) do what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it. I can count on you. If you make a decision or a promise to me, I know you’ll see it through and I value this immensely”.

  “I trust you (Reece). You tell me the good news, you tell me the bad news and never put a positive spin on a negative reality. You just tell it like it is, I'll always take the truth over sugarcoating”. 

  "Reece is a unique diamond in the world... he listens, observes and then questions before offering advice and suggestions, clearly he is a master in coaching for performance and rest assured, always gets results".

  "The turnaround has been dramatic... Reece has a very quick but delicate way of scything to the truth of a situation and gives excellent and unbiased feedback.  His professionalism is 'second-to-none". 

"Reece's honesty is a strong point of our working relationship, he won't tell me what I want to hear, he will tell me what I need to hear. He is a genuine 'nice guy' that has my best interests at heart"

Is My Confidential Consulting & Coaching Right For You?


After publishing my Strong Minds book and online courses, I found business executives in particular opening up to me about personal and professional situations that had a negative impact on them as individuals but also on them achieving their desired business objectives.

They didn't need or want what they considered to be 'touchy-feely' therapy or counselling but a professional and confidential sounding-board with fresh ideas, alternative perspectives, specific advice and answers to the challenges they faced.


Although personal consulting and coaching for individuals wasn't my intention when speaking with them, the advice, guidance, support, added-knowledge, direction, encouragement and respectful challenge helped sort their heads out, it stopped the excessive thinking running riot in their heads, helped them sleep better, gave them more energy and basically enabled them to get thinking straight again.

Whilst they were all different, they all came away feeling more alert, calm and focused, but also more relaxed and in control. Their business situations were all very different too and yet the business relationships and results for each one also improved measurably, and significantly in some cases. The process of Strong Minds proved beneficial  because any one of the modules could be used flexibly for a given situation or as a whole for more in depth needs.


It's these results and the sheer satisfaction I got from helping individuals one by one that made me decide to roll out my personal consulting and coaching to a wider audience. I now work on a 1-2-1 basis because each and every persons situation is unique and therefore, requires a unique approach to arrive at unique solutions. 

Having said this, business executives generally have two key things that are scarce in their life at work and another one that can cause conflict and frustration. When resolved however, these can make a significant difference to the long-term enjoyment they get from work and the accomplishments (and money) they make in business, namely:

1. Time and freedom to think, e.g. more effectively or creatively.

2. Headspace to unwind, relax, switch off from all the noise.

3. Ability to de-stress, especially from dealing with people problems, including under-performing staff at one end or overly-demanding and unreasonable bosses at the other end.

If you’d like to discuss your circumstances in the strictest of confidence (I’m happy to engage in NDA’s if necessary) you can call me, write to me or book an initial appointment as follows: 

Email:  Tel: +44 (0)7701 090245  or Click Here to book a convenient appointment to speak with me online or alternatively, continue reading to see if any of the following resonates with you.

"I'm committed to helping each and every individual I work with and can assure you, the passion that drives me comes from the most humane place. I'll move mountains to support you in your endeavours".


Isn't it funny how the higher up the ladder we move or the higher the station in life we reach, the less we ask for help and the less we're offered it, we think we should know the answers and so do others?

It can be a lonely place where frustration, tension and stress build up without us really noticing it, until WHAM, it hits us hard. Sure, we all suffer from pressure at work but we all know there's healthy stress and then there's destructive stress, the kind that takes us off focus, blocks creative thinking and eats away at us, causing inner conflict and sometimes outer conflict too. 

The latter can sometimes be crippling personally and professionally, derailing business success and even derailing our lives. Some executives struggle on in silence, believing that seeking help is being weak and yet it isn't, it's being strong and to get an outside perspective from a professional is actually a very intelligent thing to do.

My Personal Consulting & Coaching is therefore for people in business or society facing tough personal or professional challenges (or both) and want help to overcome them. This means removing the things getting in the way of progress and clearing the way for more effective and more enjoyable life at work for people like:

1. Corporate Executives and Business Owners feeling the strain, to the degree that it's affecting their levels of mental focus, fitness and alertness.

2. Ambitious Business Owners or Business Critical Managers who may be stuck in neutral and need fresh thinking ways to move them into higher gears.

4. Celebrities, Actors, Politicians, TV or Sports Personalities with reputations to protect.


Have you ever put on the work-face/public-persona, smiling, saying everything is fine when people ask even if it’s not and acting to the outside world in a way that’s incongruent with how you really feel on the inside? This is a common theme and a self-damaging one amongst people today. Do you continue to perform in spite of these inner feelings whilst everyone else thinks you’re fine, doing well, at the top of your game, only there are times when you know you aren’t? How often do you feel an inner nagging doubt or gap in enjoyment but you can’t bring yourself to share this with anyone because you cant really explain it or just feel too embarrassed to do so?

Answers can’t always be found inside our own heads, with our partners or from our close networks and sometimes our situations are so sensitive, we just don't want to or fear airing them in public so to speak. 


This kind of mental strain can take its toll in terms of dealing with high pressure, time limits, a multitude of daily problems (usually involving people problems), isolation, alienation, loneliness, inner conflicts such as guilt relating to personal/family life, long hours, sleep depravation, sometimes causing psychological and physical health issues, emotional drain from obsession with success or fear of failure, including imposter syndrome and being ‘found out’, image or reputation damage and all the associated stresses that go with these traits. 

Unresolved, these can lead to chronic stress and any or many of the following consequences for individuals, as well as impacting on those around them:

  • Under-performance at work versus true capability
  • Irritability, Anger, Short Fuse
  • High blood pressure & Heart disease
  • Digestive issues
  • Weakened immune system & health issues
  • Lethargy and lack of motivation or energy
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Regrettable Behaviour
  • Low or no sex drive
  • Focus and concentration problems
  • Compulsive/obsessive behaviour
  • Excessive thinking and inability to switch off
  • Mood swings
  • Feelings of helplessness or hopelessness
  • Breakdown in relationships at work and home
  • Reaching breaking point and even having suicidal thoughts.

If you’d like to discuss your circumstances in the strictest of confidence (I’m happy to engage in NDA’s if necessary) you can call me, write to me or book an initial appointment as follows: 

Email:  Tel: +44 (0)7701 090245  or Click Here to book a convenient appointment to speak with me online.

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