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Change The Game With the Famous The Five Behaviors™ Model


Our learning solutions deliver education that transforms the employee + customer experience throughout all levels of the organisation. Informed by the latest insights from cognitive science and neuropsychology research, the world leading assessments, facilitation and development tools we use, make for powerful programs that have been used worldwide to help deliver business growth or turnarounds, including:

  • How behavioural intelligence insights from scientific findings can be applied in organisational settings to improve performance.
  • Recruiting & selecting the right people for the roles, including identifying future leaders
  • Developing and retaining top talent
  • Creating world class leaders/managers
  • Assessing and maximising a team or organisations full potential
  • Breeding a culture of collaboration + accountability + contribution = results
  • Improving mental resilience and each individuals' ability to succeed
  • Developing attitudes of discretionary effort to deliver increased productivity
  • Realising organisational capability and overcoming resistance to change
  • Improving critical thinking and complex problem solving skills
  • Increasing sales and customer satisfaction / retention / growth

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Check out this 2 minute video on 'What makes Reece and his associates different' in terms of how they help businesses to think differently and achieve differently, better different: including the rather unique 'Rule of 60' and how it made a multi-million pound impact for a subsidiary of a FTSE 100 in sales, customer retention and business growth.

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