Building Great Managers = Creation Of Great Teams + Results!

Most issues with team results are not with those who don't manage others but those who do, i.e. managers and predominantly first line managers with little experience or inadequate tools to manage and inspire the mass of employees on the front lines dealing with customers, those who can make the biggest impact on the culture, climate and ultimately, business growth.

Build Better Team Collaboration & Outstanding Results!

Fresh ideas and world renowned programs that unlock team and business potential.

One of my core findings based on experience over the last 25 years in business is that just about every single human being and every business I've worked in or with has had more potential in them than they were using, whether it was a first line manager, a CEO of a large corporation or anywhere in between.

Drawing this potential out requires a proven approach to teaching self management psychology skills so individuals can take more responsibility and initiative for their own contribution to team collaboration that's more cohesive and relevant for todays world of business. 

Using conventional management practices just delivers conventional (average) results, my close network of expert consultants and I therefore provide personal assessment and development solutions for individuals, managers and leaders to adopt a 'think different' approach based on the very latest developments in employee engagement, culture + climate change, teamwork and essentially, the overall employee experience... making organisations even better places to work. including:

  • Why the 80-20 role is out-dated and why the Rule of 60 can make the most measurable difference to sales and business results.
  • The 2 key factors that leaders fail to consider when formulating strategies that require Critical Thinking & Complex Problem Solving skills.
  • The 2 critical areas where strategic execution falls short and accounts for 70% of strategies failing to achieve the desired end results.
  • How to ’Slow Down To Speed Up’ when it comes to quality of performance and raising standards for customer retention in tough market conditions.
  • How The Rule of 30 and 'Looking Inside The Box' opens peoples minds to see and use more internal capability, increasing collaboration, innovation and end results.
  • Why a 'Step Change' approach builds competence, confidence and momentum to create awesome collective results across a team or business.
  • How developing Mindful Leadership competencies diffuses the conflict and stress that stifles creativity and innovation, whilst increasing collaboration and culture to significantly improve productivity.
  • You can know all about Agile, Lean, Six-Sigma etc but will still fail to succeed without a deep understanding of things like those I've mentioned above.
  • And much more…

So whether you're looking to develop and realise more of your own potential as an individual or lead a team or business to be and do more, our expert employee experience know-how and fresh thinking can help to rapidly improve your results.

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Reece's expertise in opening up untapped potential in people and businesses is exceptional.
Reece's expertise in opening up untapped potential in people and businesses is exceptional.

Impact Areas For Building Great Teams & Great Businesses

Idea or Vision Formulation

This is all about who you want to be and how you want your business to operate and perform, along with any 'end game' you have in mind. We'll cover ideation of a compelling purpose, values, standards and guiding principles to achieve the desired aims.

Strategic Business Reviews

We use the latest digital survey and analysis tools to fully understand the current situation, from senior exec level and drilling down the lines with managers - employees as deemed necessary to create buy-in and commitment. 

Business Function Performance Assessments

We use the latest digital survey and analysis tools here too but with specific focus on functions of concern, opportunity or particular challenges you or your business faces.

Personal Leadership Strategies

Developing strategic mindsets that lead to behaviours and decisions to enhance the prospects for the organisation's long-term prosperity. How and where to use different leadership approaches to impact the vision and direction of growth and success.

Communication & Collaboration

Involvement and buy-in from everyone in business growth is crucial to the success of any team collaboration strategy.  Eliminating misunderstandings or ego 'stand-offs' based on pre-conditioned values, beliefs, morals, ethics, thinking and therefore 'expectations' of others is a must. 

Implementation Strategies

The best business growth strategies in the world won't work if the people don't work to the strategy. Whilst the strategy is designed to improve the prospects of a business, people often see it as change and resist team collaboration efforts. Monitoring, measurement and ongoing management is required.