Business & Career Self-Evaluation Cheat Sheet

Business & Career Self-Evaluation Cheat Sheet

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I'm thrilled you're interested in this evaluation tool because it acts not only as a quick reference guide to 30 of the key skills and attitudes the worlds top performing leaders apply consistently but it will enable you to take a step back, identify where you're strong already but also, highlight the development areas where you can plug gaps to become less stressed and more effective.  

You'll become clearer about where you stand in each category, which is critical to achieving far more rounded success but with far less stress, effort, time and hassle.

It's just one tiny and very simple example in my extensive toolbox and I sincerely hope you find it useful.

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PS. UNCOVERING YOUR BLIND SPOTS. If you'd like to take this evaluation a step further and have others rate you, e.g. direct reports, colleagues, peers etc to see how they view and rate you in each area versus your own evaluation, I have a separate Cheat Sheet for this, along with many other 360% type assessments so just drop me a line if you're interested at

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