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I intend launching my 7-Figure Sales course soon, in which you can learn the exact same approach and principles I learned and used to build annual 7 Figure revenues, whilst earning a healthy 6 Figure income.  You’ll learn how to win more business, keep more customers and close bigger deals so regardless of what your current knowledge or sales performance is like, you can improve them both, dramatically.

Who is the course for?

It’s for anyone who wants to become a highly valued and highly paid sales professional, including entrepreneurs who need to influence sales or close more deals.

What will the course teach you?

How to become far more influential and valuable to both potential and existing customers so that they respect, trust and buy from you more often. This means:

  • Helping you achieve more sales and generating more revenues in less time and with less effort.
  • Enabling yo to demonstrate Personal Leadership qualities that set you apart and way-ahead of your competition.
  • Positioning you as THE ‘go to’ sales professional: respected, admired and recognised as such by your customers and peer groups.
  • Developing well honed Emotional Intelligence skills to make you more influential with customers, resulting in increased personal income or profits in the case of entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Enabling you with the frameworks to teach others so that results can be replicated or multiplied, including effective ways to change habits based on the latest findings in Neuroscience around Neuroplasticity of the brain.
  • Strengthening your levels of Mindfulness & Mental Wellbeing, enabling a relaxed, enjoyable and highly effective way to achieve more and stress less in the high pressure world of sales and management.

Key benefit of the course!

Once learnt and applied, the lessons will never be forgotten and can be learnt in short easy bursts over just a 4 week period.

What makes this course different from others?

It won't be the usual run of the mill course that teaches the steps of the sale, persuasion or closing techniques, how to ask open and closed questions, needs analysis and plenty of other average stuff that generates average results. You already know this stuff, you know enough to be dangerous but seek new answers to your most challenging questions, how to gain the vital edge that lifts performance so you stand out from the crowd. You want something that will add to your knowledge, improve your level of influence and the ability to build credibility, gain respect and earn trust of customers to create strong and profitable connections. This is what my course will guide you in, i.e. a fresh way that has helped individuals, teams and even whole businesses achieve outstanding results.

Why am I qualified to teach you?

Here are just a few examples of what others say about me and my courses: 

Entrepreneur - Digital Marketing Agency"I went from a mixed up state, full of self-doubt after all the knock-backs to one of clarity, belief and optimism, all thanks to Reece’s special ‘FROM-TO’ method and not long after using it, I closed a Multi-Year 6 figure contract, the single biggest contract win of my entire life. Had I known in advance the difference it would make to my mindset, my negotiations and subsequently the client win, I would willingly have paid thousands for it”. 

Director & Investor - Business Services Organisation “Reece has transformed our business into a profitability, creating a blue-chip customer base and a team culture of high customer service... resulting in the highest level of customer retention and satisfaction with 95% rating us good – excellent”.

Head of Change Management - Global Telco “I have seen first-hand how he (Reece) inspires people to raise performance and recall one initiative he led that resulted in £1.7m incremental sales income and turned a good performance into a great one.

Sales Director - UK Market Leading Commercial Flooring Business “The turnaround has been dramatic... our sales have climbed by an average 31% per month and we're in much better shape now as a business. We have a vision and we have a plan. Reece has helped us instigate change that has not only improved the prospects of our business but all those that work for it and with it”.

So who am I and what’s my background, in brief:

Originally from humble beginnings and a fairly tough background, I invested in my own education and developed the skills to work in, consult, coach or lead a wide range of businesses: from cutting edge high tech start ups that created industry firsts, mid size traditional businesses that went on to be sold to market leaders and as a senior advertising executive with Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 global information communication companies, where I led teams to grow revenues from zero to nearly £20m pa and leading multi-million pound culture change programmes. Consequently, being singled out for board level recognition, including multiple 'Distinguished Sales Achievement' and ‘Outstanding Contribution to Business’ awards!

NB. This kind of recognition is always welcome but the thrill for me has always been seeing people lift their spirits, their performance, their competence and confidence, along with the influencing skills to realise more of their natural potential and achieve things they previously may not have thought possible. My files are full of such stories and it's these sincere 'thank you messages' that give me the most satisfaction.

Next Steps:

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Author of the Strong Minds Book, Online Course & Podcasts

PS. If you'd like an idea of my style and what I write about in more detail whilst I gather feedback with which to build my next course, you can find artIcles and posts on my blog page HERE.

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NB. I promise no spamming, ever!

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