Over Two-Thirds of Productivity Improvement Strategies Fail - Here's Why!

According to research from the famous global consulting firm, McKinsey & Co - the vast majority of change management programs fail largely for two reasons, which I've also found to be true from experience:

1. Employee Resistance 2. Lack of Management Support

To overcome issue 1 you need to address issue 2, which requires internal diagnostics and relevant development of managers, especially the lower ranks of first and second line managers who influence the mass of employees delivering products and services to customers... brilliantly or otherwise!

Overlooking these simple factors is a common mistake and one that can have damaging effects on the success of any business improvement or culture change strategy.

Leadership Influence is a combination of science and art.

If you want creative advice and up to date 'people intelligence' know-how to influence the success of your organisation, ones that rapidly deliver productivity improvement solutions unique to your challenges, applied and proven in the real world (no theory) - LOOK NO FURTHER! 

"Reece has transformed our business into profitability, creating a blue-chip customer base and a team culture of high customer service... resulting in 95% of customers now rating us good - excellent". Private Equity Investor 

I cut through the jargon and complexity to give you, your managers and their people new but practical and highly effective personal leadership influence strategies that unlock untapped potential within the business.

And, you'll be better informed with the right business improvement insights, utilising any one or a combination of the key diagnostic assessments below:

  • Strategic Business Review
  • Functional Performance Assessment
  • Management Evaluation Questionnaire
  • Culture Climate Check
  • Impact Measurement Score

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The Management & Leadership Influence Agenda

Idea or Vision Formulation

This is all about who you want to be and how you want your business to operate and perform, along with any 'end game' you have in mind. We'll cover ideation of a compelling purpose, values and guiding principles to achieve the desired aims.

Strategic Business Reviews

We use the latest digital survey and analysis tools to fully understand the current situation, from senior exec level and drilling down the lines with managers - employees as deemed necessary to create buy-in and commitment. 

Business Function Performance Assessments

We use the latest digital survey and analysis tools here too but with specific focus on functions of concern, opportunity or particular challenges you or your business faces.

Personal Leadership Strategies

Developing strategic mindsets that lead to behaviours and decisions to enhance the prospects for the organisation's long-term prosperity. How and where to use different leadership approaches to impact the vision and direction of growth and success.

Communication & Collaboration

Involvement and buy-in from everyone in the business is crucial to success of any strategy.  Eliminating misunderstandings or ego 'stand-offs' based on pre-conditioned values, beliefs, morals, ethics, thinking and therefore 'expectations' of others is a must. 

Implementation Strategies

The best strategies in the world won't work if the people don't work to the strategy. Whilst the strategy is designed to improve the prospects of a business, people often see it as change and resist. Monitoring, measurement and ongoing management is required.