Needs Driven Leadership + BP2W Culture Change


How Can NDL + BP2W Make Your Organisation An Even Better Place To Work And Succeed In?

The BP2W system develops individuals + teams + leaders in ways that increase engagement + commitment + productivity - all in one easy on-line self-managed solution.

BP2W is the world's first self-managed, on line (but not e-learning) culture and behaviour enhancing solution. People engage with a series of dynamic activities, measures and speed learning resources that quickly create a well-led, engaged and productive workforce because needs are being met and people feel inspired to be and do more.

What Kind of Organisations Use BP2W?

Companies include but are not limited to:

Corporate: Sony, Siemens, BAE, Shell, Qatar Airways, Heineken, Emirates, TNT, Astra Zenica.

Government: NHS, Environment Agency, Maritime Coast Guard

How Does BP2W Work?

BP2W is based on seven key needs indicators which are central to issues facing leadership today. These are measured and tracked throughout the program. People have their own confidential web space to access resources, record their action goals and track progress on the seven key indicators. 

How Does BP2W Improve Performance?

Engagement and personal responsibility are embedded in the approach. The question constantly asked is "What am I going to do?" rather than "What is management going to do for me?" so you'll see people taking ownership for improving their own scores, running activities, inviting feedback and initiating conversations with their colleagues and managers about real work issues and opportunities.

Create Positive Culture Change

The rich data collected through the program indicators (which is always current) allows leadership to gauge the “health” of the organisation right down to team level and managers, right down to individual levels, and to make interventions which are targeted to real needs and prevent small issues turning into a crisis.

What Are Some Of The Key BP2W Features?

An Even Better Place to Work™ (BP2W) is a low maintenance solution that doesn't add to the work-load of managers but offers an automated solution, which is: 

  • Systemised and incremental 
  • 5% diagnostic, 95% solution 
  • Designed for busy people
  • Works from the bottom-up, not top-down 
  • Minimal time out of the business, ensuring the day job still gets done, but better 
  • Solutions are found at the local rather than the corporate level

How Much Does BP2W Cost?

Pricing begins at just £19.50 per user license for the Satisfaction@Work Diagnostics and £48 per user license per year for unlimited-use and all supporting team + management development activities. 

BP2W Acts Like A ‘People Anti-Virus’ Solution.

This may sound like a humorous title but it’s also an important subject that some businesses could do with a solution to, right?  The more leaders who work with BP2W, the more they love the way it helps ensure businesses experience fewer people problems, relationships within teams are far more collaborative + productive, their time is freed up to focus more on high-value strategic concerns, and leadership waste less time on day-to-day fire-fighting issues.


Here you will find white papers explaining 'Needs Driven Leadership' along with example case studies across government and commercial organisations. We have many other customers however under confidential NDA's so cannot share all successes here. Please therefore enquire about solutions for your specific needs if they're not covered in any of these case studies.