Reece's 1-2-1 Online Coaching or Consulting

What Do I Offer?

In short, with extensive experience in Personal Development for individuals & Management Development  for businesses, I'm sure we can solve any of the particularly challenging problems you face.

My Approach & Results - These are best summed up by the people and businesses I've worked with. You'll find my style inquisitive, open minded and focused because I'm interested in learning about you and how I can help - in a calm and relaxing way that puts my clients at ease.

Typical Coaching Feedback – "Reece is a unique diamond in the world... he listens, observes and then questions before offering advice and suggestions, clearly he is a master in coaching for performance and rest assured, always gets results". Sales Manager

Typical Consulting Feedback – "The turnaround has been dramatic... Reece has a very quick but delicate way of scything to the truth of a situation and gives excellent and unbiased feedback. Our sales have climbed by an average 31% per month and we're in much better shape now as a business. We have a vision and we have a plan. Reece has helped us instigate change that has not only improved the prospects of our business but all those that work for it and with it". Operations Director.

In Summary – My methodologies are based on fresh and original thinking but backed by extensive research and assessments in human science from world leading psychologists. I think differently and help my clients to get different results. So, let's sit down in a comfortable chair and have a virtual coffee together to see how I can help you.


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I can be reached easily via phone 07701 090245 or email